Q : Do I need to cure my oven?

A : Yes, you need to do a series of curing fires.  We provide the instructions.

Q : How long does the oven take to heat up ?

A :  40-75 min depending on oven size and wood dryness ( 900 degrees ).

Q : Can you cook anything besides pizza? 

A : Yes, you can make anything you would cook in regular oven, grill, smoker, etc.

Q : How long does it retain heat ? 

A : It retains heat very well, cooling slowly. This allows you to stage food and even use the heat the following day !

Q : I see small cracks.  Is this normal ?

A : Yes, it is completely normal to see tiny thermal cracking.  This will not effect your oven's performance.

Q : What kind of wood can you use ? 

A : Most hardwoods work very well, oak is most common. DO NOT use 2 X 4 lumber or sap woods of any kind.

Q : How do you check the temperature ?

A : We provide an accurate digital infrared gun.

Q : How long does a pizza really take ?

A : It takes 60-90 seconds once truly up to temperature.

Q : How long will my brick oven last ?

A : Our ovens if properly cured will last decades, even with commercial use. They come with a 3-year warranty.

Q : How long will my oven take to build ?

A : The oven lead time is generally 3-4 weeks. Keep in mind they are all hand crafted, including the brick dome.

Frequently Asked Questions