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Crate must be opened in front of driver
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Non-repairable product must be refused and claim filed
Repairable product must  also be notated for claim
Cancelations after custom product is built is subject to 20% restocking fee

Sizes and Prices for Our Firenze Oven Model

  • 100% hand-crafted beautiful fire brick dome

  • 3" ceramic fiber insulation over dome

  • 2" ceramic board floor insulation

  • Refractory mortar

  • 2.25" thick cooking floor

  • 4" dome thickness

  • Diagonally laid floor bricks for no peel stickage

  • Steel door and digital thermometer

  • All come with stainless steel double wall pipe

  • Welded aluminum framing 

  • Cement board enclosure with smooth finish

  • 100% assembled on a 2" steel reinforced concrete slab

  • Moveable with pallet jack or forklift

  • Optional stone or brick finish

  • Gas burner options starting at $1500

Features of this model :

Nardona Firenze Model

Brick Oven Inquiry Form with Sizes and Prices

Sizes and Base Prices:

  • 24" Firenze model $3900 

  • 32" Firenze model $4800

  • 40" Firenze model $5700